Journaling with Goddess

Rest & Recharge with Goddess

The first facet of Goddess to sink into is Rest & Recharge. What does this mean to you personally? How do you rest? Do you feel guilty resting? Take a few deep breaths and turn your attention inward. Picture yourself when you are at home alone. There’s no one to cater to right now except yourself. What do you do? Where are your thoughts? Are you comfortable taking lavish care of yourself?

Use a notebook as a visual journal

The journal you pick as your visual journal does make a difference in how you relate to it. Using an expensive journal will bring a desire to make sure it’s pretty and consequentially it will be left on a shelf. Having compassion with your creative expressions is key to using a journal. Our society places more value in superficial beauty so we are programmed to make beautiful things. A visual journal does not have the focus of being pretty all the time. It is a snap shot of who we are in that moment. A Goddess knows she is all things and honors who she is at any point in time.

Getting a cheap composition notebook is a perfect start for a visual journal. It isn’t something you can “mess up”. Your journal isn’t something you can mess up because it’s a place for you to be authentic.

Soothing the inner critic

Use images by drawing or collage. Symbols with the way we connect with our inner wisdom. We can connect to an image and get deep understanding even without words.

Do not be disturbed

Hand writing out your thoughts is a meditative practice. The repetitive hand motions help to sooth anxiety as you write and your thoughts become more focused. We need an outlet to get the shit in our heads and nervous system out and journaling is one of the best ways to do that. Your container is your journal for your conversation with your inner wisdom through Your Inner Art.

Journaling does not mean writing pages and pages for hours at a time. Let go of your expectations. Consistent time in your journal will help to process your thoughts. You don’t have to complete a whole page in one sitting. Pick one thing to journal about and take a few minutes here and there to write your thoughts. Doodle while you think and add single words that hold meaning to you. Glue a couple pictures on a page while your watching tv.

Think SIMPLE and have it handy when you need it.

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