Practicing self-love and Boundaries with Social Media

We’re all burnt out right now with the chaos of the world and it’s time for personal boundaries limiting our input of news. One of the most stressful aspects of human nature is the feeling of loosing control and helplessness. I will say that’s especially true for empaths and those who are sensitive. We feel the hurt around us and our instinct is to help and fix. We are big picture thinkers so we take in the whole situation and focus on “helping” too many. This leads to the helplessness because there is no way we can do what our tender hearts want to do. Then comes the loop of wanting to know what’s going on, wanting to fix the injustices, then by not having an avenue to help everyone we get stressed/frustrated/helpless. If we have weak boundaries (being a people pleaser), there’s a good chance we will seek out others to help before we help ourselves.

What we can do is to understand we can’t change much except ourselves – even in these really crazy f*uped days of global unrest. Technology is great but it overwhelms our energy systems to be a part of everything going on. My brain tells me that I need to know what’s going on or I will be an irresponsible citizen. The truth is that if I don’t monitor myself then I will become an irresponsible human because I’ve made myself crazy with frustration.

The only responsibility we can fulfill is to ourselves and to our self-care. It has become crystal clear that trying to force people to see your point of view is futile (some on this planet like being in a hive with other Borgs). It’s our attachment to being right that creates the feeling of hopelessness when we try to “save” others.

The Goddess uses times of stress to retreat, rest, and recharge. She looks at how she reacts to outside demands on her heart and energy. Knowing her reactions come from what she has been taught and not true to her inner wisdom helps to calm her. Attending to her needs first creates authentic boundaries and that is the gift she can give others. As the Goddess reflects and “fixes” herself, that energy flows from her and is the most effective way to model healing.

A Goddess is the example of self love and compassion which sends ripples out to places she will never be aware of. Healing yourself is the best thing you can do for our society right now.

Your visual journal is the key component to identifying your triggers as you add images and your reflections. This is the place you can ask the hard questions because you are practicing self compassion and this is your safe space. Be the healer you want to be with yourself first and then let people see your authenticity to plant the seeds of love in their lives.

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