Making Self Care Creative

So many different flavors of personal art – it’s the creative juice in you!

The older I get, the more essential my art becomes in my self-care. Making personal art goes light years beyond a day at the spa for true mind/body/spirit. We are multifaceted beings and each of our facets need attention to shine brightly. The most magical and nurturing way to get to know each facet within us is communicating with Your Inner Art.

We are made of so many experiences that make up our facets. Which ones are your authentic sparkle and which need tender polishing?

Times spent uncovering your authentic personal style through creating personal art is magical. I find that the most magical project for self care is an altered book.

An altered book becomes a visual diary that is your safe space to process the human experience. There are no rules here, no “I should”, no right/wrong just experiments and expression. This is the beauty and pain in your life and you are in conversation with yourself here. Love your art – Love yourself.

My blog will be focused on creative self care especially in altered books and art journals. This is the space I use when I want to get clear with myself about anything. I will share the prompts and issues I am diving into so you can understand the process. Personal art is magical and more accessible than society has made us believe. The truth is you do have your own personal creative style and it is as unique and beautiful as you are. The beauty of an altered book is that you can close the cover and not show anyone until you realize that you are an artist.

Every choice is good! You can learn just as much about your style by making art you don’t like! It’s all an experiment in finding your authentic magic.

On April 1st I will release an hour long video class and printed directions for making your own altered book. It will be free for the month of April then it will become a paid online class.

Starting this Thursday April 1st you can find my altered book class/printed directions on my website home page! I will be posting more how to’s on my Istagram CathyJLawson or my Facebook page Creative Goddess Cathy

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