About Me

Artist, Author, and Creative Goddess

Life long artist with a passion for exploring my own inner art. Getting creative with my self care has brought me healing and mind/body/soul relaxation. Embodying Goddess Energy gives me the confidence to express my unique creativity without bowing to any social norm.

“A Goddess embodies love, first for herself and then for others!”

Hi, I’m Cathy Lawson and I welcome you to Your Inner Art.

Your authentic creative flow is where you find true self care. That’s a bold statement but it’s true in my life and I can help you find comfort in your personal art. The biggest lie we believe is that we aren’t creative and my passion is ripping that curtain away so you can see your own beauty.

Beauty is not in the meat suit you are wearing, but in the way you express your soul. We create our world around us and the art we make helps us to find our authentic style. As we practice honoring our authentic personal art then it’s so much easier to honor our beautiful authentic and unique selves.

A chipboard purse that I made to honor my mother & her side of my family.

Personal art is a communication tool for our soul to speak. We are speaking and listening as we enter the creative flow. I’ve been learning to communicate with my higher self through art my whole life.

I grew up with parents who were either making dolls or carving while we watched tv. I am very grateful to have had parents that encouraged my art without any rules because I am very confident creating.

One of my mom’s dolls – Lady Catharine and us in our backyard 1979 ish.

Personal art (stuff I made for myself) was my active meditation as I processed emotions even when I didn’t know just how therapeutic it was. I look back and remember the projects I worked on during times of stress or heartbreak and see what a different it made in my healing.

Personal art comes in all forms

Does Getting Creative Really “Do” Anything?

I knew that going into my jewelry/craft projects would help me relax during those times when I was stressed but my lessons were about to get deeper.

When I was 40ish my world got turned upside down starting with the death of my mother, then my ex-husband left, and the icing on the cake was loosing my job. I was left with a son about to go to college and another son in middle school that I was to raise without any help. Financially and emotionally my life was a mess. I’m sure you are able to remember a time in your life that was similar. This life is highlighted by our “dark night of the soul” experiences as well all the wonderful moments.

I decided I would use this time to reinvent myself and work on my wellbeing. To do this, I chose an altered book so I could “rewrite” my story,

My first altered book that I did almost 20 years ago and it changed my life

I filled that book with everything I loved from colors to images of fairies and all the bits I’d collected over the years. During the process of creating, I started to hear my still small voice of inner wisdom start to speak. I listened as I glued, doodled, and painted. I started to respect the insights that were being created as I worked on my book. As I finished this book I knew my journey was just beginning into using art as a tool. It has been an interesting roller coaster ride since then, but as art plays a bigger part in my experience, I’m riding it with my hands in the air and a smile on my face.

As I dove deeper into using art as a tool, getting my degree in Art Therapy/Psychology, and going through cancer (and stem cell transplant) I saw just how healing art can be. I can say with complete certainty that making personal art and spending time with yourself will help you in ways that are beautifully empowering.

Visual journals are your safe space

Making YOUR art YOUR way builds a bridge to your inner wisdom and compassion for yourself. Our soul speaks beyond words with feelings, images, colors, and our personal passions. Personal art brings your soul out into the physical world. You meet your inner Goddess and then make beautiful messes together.

Your personal art is a magical language you create with your inner wisdom that used to nurture your brilliant unique self. Loving what you create unlocks the ability to foster compassion and love for yourself. You are your own superhero and personal art is a safe and magical container for your adventures.

A mixed media pad or altered book make great containers for your personal art

How I can help you start to play

I can encourage you through my own personal art creative flow. I share on my social media platforms what I’m making through the whole process. I show you how I play with different mediums so you can be more comfortable about stepping into your creative flow.

My goal is to demystify the creative process. Society has morphed art into a very uncomfortable story. The truth about art is everyone CAN create. We are creating our lives every day and personal art helps to focus on what we want. It a tool we can use to help us process our experiences and NOT only valid if it can be turned into a product. I consider my altered books some of my best creations and they are staying in my personal collection but I do feel comfortable selling other pieces I create. Selling should not be the only goal of art.

My blog posts provide the therapeutic help that my art brings to me. I share my experience to give a starting place for you to add art to your self care practice. I let you into my head and how I process through my art journal pages to give things to think about.

I have workbooks to get you started! On my ETSY site Your Inner Art you can find my coloring book, Creatively Through Cancer, and my newest book, Self Care Creative Goddess Style.

At some point I will be available for in person classes.


I have worked in three different bead stores in Wisconsin for a total of 15 plus years. I have taught thousands of people to create with beads and helped with even more projects. I was able to cultivate an uncanny ability to make my students (both adults and kids) very comfortable learning new skills and helped them to see just how creative they were.

During my time at Edgewood College in Madison Wisconsin getting my Bachelor’s in Art Therapy I was able to work with very diverse groups of people in our community. No matter who I was working with, the joy that art brought was beautiful. I’ve art experiences with at risk youth, elderly people in different settings, Girl Scout troops, adults with disabilities, and various school age kids. I worked many times with the Madison Area Parkinson’s Disease Support Groups leading watercolor and collage classes.

During my senior year I created my own internship at UW Hospital Carbone Cancer Center where I was being treated for my cancer. I started an art journal program and a traveling art cart so I could do art with people receiving chemotherapy. It was an amazing experience bringing the creative process to total strangers and helping them through such an illness.

I have taught my altered book class at Edgewood High School’s summer school three years in a row before covid 19.

I have found joy in planting the seeds of personal art in so many people’s lives and I will continue to “infect” as many as I can.

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