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Art as a tool

  Oh, I can’t. . I’m not creative” is what I hear about 70% of the time when I start talking about art. The fact of the matter is—we’ve been TAUGHT that we aren’t creative by the 3rd or 4th grade. Stay in the… Continue Reading “Art as a tool”

How Can Anyone Have A Perfect Day When It’s So Crapy Outside?

I’m looking out my window today in Madison Wisconsin and it’s gray again. How can I get anything done today with it being so blah? Then I started thinking about what My Perfect Day would be. I’ve been itching to clean & organize my… Continue Reading “How Can Anyone Have A Perfect Day When It’s So Crapy Outside?”

But I’m Not Creative. . .

We are creating all the time—it goes hand in hand with living our story. We humans are creative beings! Living a creative life takes a shift of perspective. We create when we cook, arrange knick knacks, pick out the sweater that’s our favorite color,… Continue Reading “But I’m Not Creative. . .”