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Journaling Your Path

Your Path My message, especially to young people is to have courage to think differently, courage to invent, to travel the unexplored path, courage to discover the impossible and to conquer the problems and succeed. These are great qualities that they must work towards.… Continue Reading “Journaling Your Path”

My inner dialog does not have to be my future nor is it the truth

As I completed the “What haunts me” page, I noticed that I felt trapped at times and that I had to wear my “good girl” mask to feel safe. My inner dialog can be shaming and negative so I looked it straight in the… Continue Reading “My inner dialog does not have to be my future nor is it the truth”

I’ll Always Choose Silliness Art Journal Page

In any situation I will always choose silliness and I wanted to celebrate that in this art journal page. I tried growing up at one point in my life and that was just too depressing so now I celebrate my inner child. I love… Continue Reading “I’ll Always Choose Silliness Art Journal Page”

Challenge Your Negative Self Talk and Unpack Your Baggage

I dipped into some dark territory with my last page spread and now I remind myself that the hauntings from my past do not mean they are my future. My inner dialog is not my future. I can choose what I listen to and… Continue Reading “Challenge Your Negative Self Talk and Unpack Your Baggage”

A Haunting Self Discovery Page in Your Healing Journal

“What Haunts Me” Halloween is my favorite time of year so why not have pages in my healing journal that reflect my love of the creepy. Here’s the spread for today – a haunting self discovery page in my healing journal. “What haunts me”… Continue Reading “A Haunting Self Discovery Page in Your Healing Journal”

Let a found word poem reflect your wisdom.

I have just started doing found word poems and it’s fast becoming a favorite process (ok, everything creative is a favorite process of mine). Using random words that speak to you as you scan the page of a book can birth an interesting poem.… Continue Reading “Let a found word poem reflect your wisdom.”

Where to Start with a Healing Journal?

As I’ve been in meditation for the healing journal workbook I’m creating with my biz partner Jen, “Where do I start?” Has popped into my head more than once. Of course the right answer is. . . anywhere – just freaking pick something. I… Continue Reading “Where to Start with a Healing Journal?”

Healing Journals – An idea that’s just starting to bud

I have an undergrad degree in art therapy and was in my junior year when I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma cancer. Needless to say my assignments turned into powerful healing tools. I even had a stem cell transplant on Christmas break a few… Continue Reading “Healing Journals – An idea that’s just starting to bud”

How Can Anyone Have A Perfect Day When It’s So Crapy Outside?

I’m looking out my window today in Madison Wisconsin and it’s gray again. How can I get anything done today with it being so blah? Then I started thinking about what My Perfect Day would be. I’ve been itching to clean & organize my… Continue Reading “How Can Anyone Have A Perfect Day When It’s So Crapy Outside?”