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30 day Create Every Day – Adding Color to Doodles

Adding Color to doodles           Last night I decided to get out my colored pencils and see how some color would look. My sketchbook is all about experimenting so I wasn’t worried if I “wrecked” my doodle. I don’t use… Continue Reading “30 day Create Every Day – Adding Color to Doodles”

Day 4 Create Every Day – Step by Step

Coloring is a fun way to start remembering your creative voice. I fully understand that’s it’s very easy for me to say – “Hey, do my 30 Day Create Every Day Challenge”  because I grew up with artistic parents and I have chosen to… Continue Reading “Day 4 Create Every Day – Step by Step”

Use a theme to get creative with your photos

Use a theme or a subject when you go out with your camera as this will make it easier to focus your attention & lens. The pictures above are vegetation (obviously) but to emphasize the textures and designs, I took them in black &… Continue Reading “Use a theme to get creative with your photos”

Monday’s Creative Photo Tip

Good Monday Morning! Did you get your phone or camera out over the weekend? If you did, post your photos on my site and include your tips for great photos. The photo tip for today – get different angles of your subject. I got… Continue Reading “Monday’s Creative Photo Tip”

Use Instagram for Sparking Your Creativity

What do you use Instagram for? Have you thought about using it to catalog images that get your creative juices flowing? I was at the Art Fair on the Square in Madison Wisconsin last weekend and I took a couple of pictures so I… Continue Reading “Use Instagram for Sparking Your Creativity”

Art as a tool

  Oh, I can’t. . I’m not creative” is what I hear about 70% of the time when I start talking about art. The fact of the matter is—we’ve been TAUGHT that we aren’t creative by the 3rd or 4th grade. Stay in the… Continue Reading “Art as a tool”