Practicing self-love and Boundaries with Social Media

We’re all burnt out right now with the chaos of the world and it’s time for personal boundaries limiting our input of news. One of the most stressful aspects of human nature is the feeling of loosing control and helplessness. I will say that’s especially true for empaths and those who are sensitive. We feelContinue reading “Practicing self-love and Boundaries with Social Media”

Journaling with Goddess

The first facet of Goddess to sink into is Rest & Recharge. What does this mean to you personally? How do you rest? Do you feel guilty resting? Take a few deep breaths and turn your attention inward. Picture yourself when you are at home alone. There’s no one to cater to right now exceptContinue reading “Journaling with Goddess”

Emotional Processing When Your Life an Unexpected Hard Turn. . . Part 1

There are times in our lives when we feel ripped out of a situation. Here are some ways to balance your thoughts and get back to you. One way to see life is as though we are living out our story on the pages of a invisible book. Sometimes we are able to write ourContinue reading “Emotional Processing When Your Life an Unexpected Hard Turn. . . Part 1”

What??!? I have Cancer??!!?

I still remember that evening I went in for an MRI to investigate weird nerve pain and was walked over to the emergency room for further testing. The minute the radiologist said, “We found something and called in the neurosurgeon” I knew that I had cancer. After many tests and more scans, I was diagnosedContinue reading “What??!? I have Cancer??!!?”

Not Creative? Think Personal Art not Fine Art!

  If I had a dime each time someone has told me, “I’m not creative” I would be a billionaire!! When I hear this it sounds like a challenge to me. I would love to help everyone who says they aren’t creative, see that they are. It is my greatest joy to lead a groupContinue reading “Not Creative? Think Personal Art not Fine Art!”

Creatively Through Cancer

Getting a diagnosis of some form of cancer is all too common in our society, but that does not make it any easier for anyone. Those with cancer and their support people need all the tools they can get to process all the emotions that come along with this disease. Creativity is one of thoseContinue reading “Creatively Through Cancer”