The Dear Diary Project Visual Journaling

Remember the diary you had in middle school? It may not have been a “real” one, but you had someplace special to write down your thoughts. It was magical, special, secret, and only yours.

It’s time you started another diary that is your super-special magical place to put your thoughts and feelings. Today the catch phrase is “journal” which feels too grown up. It feels like you should be putting really important stuff in there, like all the notes in the calendar you have.

Let’s go back to being little girls with a special place to dream, write magic spells, color, save things, and to be free of our grown up life.

Set up a play date with yourself and go to a craft or art supply store to get a mixed media pad and to soak up all the wonderful eye candy of the supplies. For all those that may be overwhelmed by all the supplies, you are not alone. There are sooooo many colors and brands! Here’s a secrete – you don’t need to collect them all!

Here’s my favorite mixed media notebook.   dear diary book

You want something labeled mixed media so you can use watery supplies. It’s affordable and comes in several sizes. They can be found on Amazon and Walmart as well as craft stores. A great online art supply store is Dick Blick.

Now for mark makers & coloring:

Watercolor or water soluble colored pencils are a good investment because they can be used dry or with a paint brush & water. When they’re dry you can write or doodle pretty easily on top because they don’t have much wax in them to gunk up your pens.

Gel pens are fun and all over the place now. They’re great for doodling and journaling.

Doodling pens can become an obsession (just ask me about my stash). My favorite ink pen are Precise V5 & V7 from Pilot. The 5 & 7 are tip points and they’re very fine. I’m able to do some really detailed lines with these. The ink flows really well and they don’t skip.

I also have Micron and Faber-Castell Pitt artist pens. They have very fine to brush tips. I have the .01, .03, and .05 tips. I feel I have more control with the finer tips.

Markers and Water Soluble Markers are my really handy to have for coloring. I don’t use regular marker much but I have several brands of water soluble markers. The Mermaid Markers from Jane Davenport are beautiful.  Lyra Aqua Brushes have a brush tip and liner tip.

An aqua brush is a wonderful invention! It’s a hollow plastic paint brush that you fill with water and squeeze when you want a drop of water. There’s not much mess and really easy to take with you.

Collage Supplies:

Images and words cut out from magazines, calendars, books, post cards, junk mail, stickers, and anything flat that can be glued down.

Good scissors with pointy tip for cutting in small spaces.

Glue sticks.


Other supplies that I use regularly: watercolor paints, craft acrylic paints, stencils, molding paste, gesso, paint brushes, and stencils.