Connecting with your creative goddess

Self Care Creative Goddess Style

Go from day spa to deep inner awareness with your unique creative style!

Sister, let me help you slip into the glorious robes of the Goddess and take self care into your deep truth.

Doesn’t that sound luscious and nurturing or does that make you nervous? The myth around what being a woman means is evolving before our eyes into more individual expressions that go beyond traditional roles. We are meant to experience our life in a way that’s authentic to us. Going against the “norms” of society can be very scary, which is why we need fellowship with sister Goddesses.

Creating a Self Care Toolbox

Caring for Yourself Creative Goddess Style Book

What would happen if you made yourself a priority?

    This booklet will help you discover aspects of the Goddess in yourself. A Goddess embodies love. First for herself and then for others.

    But what does that mean? For a Goddess, it means rest & recharging, simplifying, understanding her energy and feelings, practicing gratitude, ritual, celebration, and shadow work. All for the goal of uncovering her inner wisdom and authenticity. There is a monthly focus with practices that will nourish your spirit and bring you home to your inner Goddess.

    It’s in our uniqueness where we find our power but we have been conditioned to be like other “good” people. Embodying the facets of Goddess helps us remember that we each have our own path to walk as human beings and each unique path is beautiful. Creating daily life around honoring our truth the path becomes easier to navigate and our inner wisdom becomes easier to hear.

    This has been information that has made an incredible change in my perception of the path I am creating now and I want to share this with every woman who has wondered if she’s worth it. Not only are we worth our own love and compassion, it is essential for healing the fear inside us all.

    Any time spent focusing on your truth is so beneficial and will send healing ripples throughout your being. This is YOUR time and YOUR path so use this a book as a guide and customize your experience!

Creatively Through Cancer Workbook

Your Inner Art is art for self expression, art for healing, and art for life. Cancer is many things and brings up so many emotions. It can also be an opportunity to find your inner art. Through personal art there is healing, understanding, and there will be hope. It’s hard to believe that this can happen starting with a doodle – that’s right, a doodle.

You see, Creatively Through Cancer is not about learning to become an “artist” but this workbook is a tool for creative self expression through the most difficult time in your life. It’s about finding a safe space where you can process your complicated feelings in a positive way. It’s about digging down deep, far beyond fear to the place where your inner wisdom lies.

With this workbook you will learn to look at the creative process differently. You’ll use imagery and symbols to bring your emotions to life using pens, markers, cut out pictures, and other materials that you already have. You’ll begin to recognize the beauty in the creative process and to appreciate the art you make – because it’s your soul taking to you while you create.

This workbook has all the pages you need to create right in it. Using scissors, a pen, and something to color with you will be able to doodle, color, collage, meditate, monitor your body, and make a self care plan.

I used all these techniques as I was going through my cancer treatment and stem cell transplant so I can guarantee the creative process will help in ways you won’t even know you needed.

Art as Talisman for remembering you are love(d)

We all need reminders that we are love and we are loved! Why not wear beautiful reminders using jewelry as talisman? I create jewelry with gemstone that represent different aspects of strength, love, and guidance. While you are wearing the pieces, you will remember you are made of star dust and created with the most powerful energy – love.

My mixed media and watercolors are also created with the intension of being reminders that you are special and wonderful. Hang them in your office, meditation space, or living room so at a glance you are taken to a place of self love.

All my art comes with a handwritten love note for you!


-Dana A about Caring for Yourself Creative Goddess Style.

I have read many books in order to grow spiritually and Cathy’s book puts things in a perspective that is easy to understand and yet challenges our way of thinking. You feel like she’s speaking to you, knowing what you are going through and sharing what she has already gone through herself. Her experiences can be applied to opening up your own State of Being to where you will experience what is meant to be in your life. Simple instructions that can be applied to anyone’s life. Each day you can apply Cathy’s teachings easily as well as looking to the monthly plans for growth. This is a book for those who are looking to find their Inner Strength, Inner Goddess and apply it to every day life.

-Kelly G after receiving her Goddess Box Kit

This arrived and I am in love!!! Your Inner Art is offering these amazing boxes to assist our creative goddess selves in learning to love ourselves and forgive ourselves for all of our own self judgments. These boxes are a beautiful addition to your altar or to harness some personal treasures that you need to help guide you on your journey. My journals fit beautifully in this gorgeous box!  Thank you Cathy Lawson!! I’m feeling the love!   

I worked with Cathy on some pieces for my bedroom, with the intent of tranquility and inspiration. The overall solution was based directly on our conversations and my personality / needs. It was exciting to watch the progress, and I am so thankful to have them hang in my space – they have brought great joy.  – Erich K.


Madison Wisconsin

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