June 1, 2018 will be the launch date for the first in the Art as A Tool Workbook Series!

Creatively Through Cancer was born from my my own cancer journey while I was attending Edgewood College in Madison Wisconsin for Art Therapy.

I have always leaned into my creative practice throughout my life for relaxation, stress reduction, capturing memories in scrapbooks, and for income. I know just how comforting it is to have a resource that is deep inside me just waiting to help and then to see it means just as much to other people is a complete joy for me.

When interning at Carbone Cancer Center at U W Madison Hospitals & Clinics I was able to bond with patients while we made personal art. I witnessed people forgetting they were receiving treatments while they played with art supplies, seeing the relaxation wash over as we created simple repetitive doodles, and the joy itΒ  brought me to see someone experience the magic of personal art for the first time.

Using personal art to create a visual diary of sorts makes a profound impact in how one processes the emotional side of the cancer diagnosis and treatment.

With this workbook, a pen, scissors, colors, and a glue stick you can use the same techniques that were so comforting to myself and many others while in this chapter of your life. Starting small and simple is the key. You do not need complex technical instructions right now. You need space for relaxing, retreating, and forgetting for a little while. This workbook is that place. In this workbook we look at self-care, coloring, doodling, how stress affects your body, meditation in the form of a body scan and visualizations, collage for expression, the layers of your emotions, journaling, and what to do about that critical voice inside all of us as we create.












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