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I would love to help you to fully discover and follow YOUR INNER ART! Does that excite you and maybe scare you? Great – you already feel the creative juices at work inside your whole body and spirit. Our inner creative wants desperately to come out and play! Your world will brighten as you look through the kaleidoscope of your imagination and dig deep into the wonderful inner core of who you really are! You are a bright shinny soul and if you let your creative side come out to play you’ll reconnect to your own truth.

Life is going by way too fast these days and slowing down is more important than ever. Self care is being pushed aside to strive for a multi-tasking blue ribbon. We are too busy to listen to our body until an illness stops us. Our inner wisdom is trying so hard to get our attention but all we listen to is our scared inner critic that tells us to do better.

Stop right now, close your eyes, and listen to how you are feeling. You may need some creative play-time if:

  •     You are just plain tired, drained, or blah
  •      Your instant reaction is, “I don’t have time because. . . . “
  •     Your “I should” list is louder than your self care inner wisdom
  •     You are at a crossroad in your life
  •     You want something but you just don’t know what
  •     You feel resentful at how much you do for other people (it’s ok to not feel good to put yourself on the back burner for others. You should listen to this alarm)
  •     You know you need to relax, recuperate, or slow down but you don’t know how
  •     Or any other reason because creating can be used as a tool to process, express, experiment, heal, and relax.

Skeptical? Is your inner negative voice warning you about trying something new? Perfect because those feelings mean that you really need to get more creative and go deep into your beautiful soul to remember just how perfect you are!!




Altered Book

Let’s begin with directions for an altered book. This blog post will give you the basics of preparing the hard cover book you choose for this journey.

So what book do you want to use?   Altered Book Directions




Picking Your Altered Book blog

Picking Your Book video

Supplies for the Year of Creative Discovery materials list

READY, SET, GO! How this year of creative discovery will run.

Using Pintrest –  I love Pintrest and I usually look through it at night when I don’t have time/energy to do my journal. I believe we need an idea library in our head so we have material to form out own creative ideas. If you don’t know about some techniques or see other people’s work you won’t have as much information to pull from when you do your art.

I created a board for this Creative Discovery project. You’ll see a lot of information but don’t worry, it’s there for you to look through when you want – you’re not responsible for memorizing anything. There are so many wonderful artists that are sharing their work & techniques that I wanted you to get to know them.


collage directionsNow that you’ve started your book, do you need a little more guidance? Here’s a blog that explains how I started mine & why.

The start of my altered book – explained

Here are some helpful files:

More journal prompts for your pages

Collage page of words & phrases I cut from magazines that you can use in your pages

January starts with a Creative/Self Care retreat!            Make a list