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The class prices are for groups of 3 -5. For a private class of 1 or 2, the price increases by $10.00. Classes of 6 -8, the host gets a free class & kit.










Altered Golden Book           2 hours           $35.00

This is a great class for any age and any skill level! You bring a Golden Book and I will bring the rest of the supplies so you can dip your toe into altered books. Partially removing the pages will give you room to customize your book into anything you’d like.  I’ve taught this class to adults, Girls Scouts, both big and small groups. In my experience, everybody has a great time and comes away with a renewed desire to create!  Techniques learned: collage and watercolor doodles. A theme can be used along with this class for any groups.

Altered Book        

3 hour workshop or half day workshop           $45.00/$60.00

Recycle a hard cover book into your personal visual journal! Everyone I have taught is blown away with the fun of making their own altered book. Don’t be too concerned about the book getting some pages removed because it’s going to be one of your most precious possessions as you work through this project. I have been making and teaching altered books for years and they do become my encouragement and exploration tools into my true self. This is your private place to search your own truth, collect all the images of what you love, or just a place to play for relaxation.

Techniques learned: How to safely alter your book, collage, paint scraping backgrounds, found word poems, doodling, page pockets, and secret spaces in your book.



2-3 hour class    $45.00   








What could be more fun than playing with watercolors and then adding doodles?? Get to know the magic of watercolors with abstract designs and then relax as you doodle in and around your design. This is my absolute favorite creative technique because I treat it as play. No rules, no mistakes!!

I will bring all the supplies (you will need a hair dryer) so you will make several 8×10 pieces.



If you have an idea for a jewelry class, I can probably teach it. Contact me for a class that we can make for you!!!!

Bracelet & Earrings   $40

We will make a bracelet so  you can learn how to use crimp beads and jewelry design. Making a pair of earrings will teach you the other basic technique of wire wrapped loops. After this class you will have the basic knowledge to start a long and happy love with beads.          I provide  bead kits and the tools.


Multi Strand Necklace   $35

If a bracelet isn’t your choice of accessory , this class will also teach you crimp beads and wire wrapped loops.

Kits and tools provided




Bead Cluster     $50

This is my original design that won the Bead Challenge at the Madison Bead Show in 2016.

Weave beads with thin wire through a chain to make a core and keep adding until you like your design. There are not too many rules with this piece but I am there to encourage you and share how this design has evolved through the years.    Kits and tools provided.


Wild Woman Pin   $50

Learn bead embroidery and bring out your inner wild woman!! Stitch beads on stiff felt using a face bead designed by me. This is how I started 20 years ago with my love for bead embroidery!

Kits and tools provided.




You can find my jewelry for sale on my Etsy Site: CathyLawsonJewelry








My Merchandise line printed with my original art can be found on Society6 under YOURINNERART




















You can find backpacks, notebooks, greeting cards, comforters, towels, stickers, prints, printed canvases, wallpaper, travel mugs, totes, clocks, phone cases, and several styles of t-shirts.

You can contact me for the original watercolor paintings at