30 Day Create Every Day Challenge – Day 6 It’s all about you babe!!

I got a great idea for the creative focus today while I was doing dishes. I started thinking about who I was and a couple things came to mind. Then I put that in one sentence. A few images popped into my head of pictures of me. Bam, a challenge was born – “It’s allContinue reading “30 Day Create Every Day Challenge – Day 6 It’s all about you babe!!”

30 day Create Every Day Challenge Day 5

The 3rd layer of a wall mural of marble I’m learning that when I do art every day, my life is much more satisfying. My day job this week is to paint a mural for a Reiki healer here in Madison Rene Christesen in her studio, facebook.com/ChannelsReiki. One of the most satisfy parts of beingContinue reading “30 day Create Every Day Challenge Day 5”

Day 4 Create Every Day – Step by Step

Coloring is a fun way to start remembering your creative voice. I fully understand that’s it’s very easy for me to say – “Hey, do my 30 Day Create Every Day Challenge”  because I grew up with artistic parents and I have chosen to be an artist myself. I’m comfortable following my intuition in myContinue reading “Day 4 Create Every Day – Step by Step”

Day 2 Create Every Day Challenge

Last night’s project while watching meaningless tv. This is my absolute favorite form of creating – watercolor abstracts and doodling all the shapes I see. I get to play with watercolors and see all “action” that goes in with the wet paper and paints. There is always a surprise when the paints blend together. InContinue reading “Day 2 Create Every Day Challenge”

30 Day Create Every Day Challenge is ON!

Happy September 1st and to the 30 day Create Every Day Challenge!!!! I have started with doodling because all you need is paper and a pen. I have been doodling since high school and got some pretty negative feedback from teachers. I have now learned that when a person doodles while listening, it helps toContinue reading “30 Day Create Every Day Challenge is ON!”

30 day Create Every Day Challenge

Even though I am a creative coach and teach various art/jewelry classes, there are days I don’t touch art supplies. The business end of things take over and then I find myself really stressed. On the days I do something creative (as if by magic) the day goes a lot better. Just doing something inContinue reading “30 day Create Every Day Challenge”

Forcing Leads to Frustration

The opposite of feeling is forcing. When we force, we cannot feel, and when we feel, we cannot force.    -Aadil Palkhivaia This quote came from a page of The Desire Map Journal by Danielle LaPorte. I highly recommend her book, The Desire Map. It helped me understand my core desired feelings so I can guideContinue reading “Forcing Leads to Frustration”

How Easily I Get Derailed from My Schedule

Life just gets in the way of my creative coaching business and I find myself in blurred boundaries between multiple obligations. My goal in any situation is to learn more about myself and what my reactions are. What am I learning? My first tendency is to fix things and people which is good if myContinue reading “How Easily I Get Derailed from My Schedule”

When “Crazy Town” invades your life.

Crazy times comes knocking at your door – what do you do? We all have situations and people that make us wonder about our sanity. It seems to hurt more when you see a loved one in a relationship that is so toxic and they are only trying to do the right thing. There isContinue reading “When “Crazy Town” invades your life.”

Golden Artists – working with seniors

, I have had the pleasure of working with senior adults in several venues over the past few months and I have really come to treasure my time with them. I will admit that sometimes it’s like herding cats because getting everyone to follow directions is a challenge but that makes my experience precious. SomeContinue reading “Golden Artists – working with seniors”