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What I’ve learned about drawing through doodles

Practice and experimenting – what I’ve learned about drawing through doodles is the same stuff I’d learn drawing realistic stuff. Drawing: a picture or diagram made with a pencil, pen, or crayon rather than paint. a graphic representation by lines of an object or… Continue Reading “What I’ve learned about drawing through doodles”

The Process of a Watercolor Abstract

I love agates because they are little works of art. I see landscapes and abstracts in them. Here’s one that really struck me as beautiful so I sketched it out on watercolor paper. I am curious how it’s going to turn out! I haven’t… Continue Reading “The Process of a Watercolor Abstract”

30 Day Create Every Day Challange – Water Color Learning Curve.

I’m in the middle of the process with this water color painting. This is the base for subtracting some paint and adding some more paint. I took time away from the computer this weekend and spread out my paints. I’m going to be spending… Continue Reading “30 Day Create Every Day Challange – Water Color Learning Curve.”