The Artful Process – down the wonderful rabbit hole

I can never predict how a necklace or painting will turn out when I start. The artful process to me feels like I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole in a really good way. Sometimes it is full of experimenting and then changing directions until it feel right. When I create I follow my gut andContinue reading “The Artful Process – down the wonderful rabbit hole”

Warning Signs When Checking Out A Gallery for Your Art

If you want to sell your art – here are some warning signs when checking out a gallery that I found very frustrating. I have had pretty good luck with galleries and shops selling my jewelry but there’s always that “one” bad experience you don’t see coming. Remember that this is business and not aContinue reading “Warning Signs When Checking Out A Gallery for Your Art”

I’ll Always Choose Silliness Art Journal Page

In any situation I will always choose silliness and I wanted to celebrate that in this art journal page. I tried growing up at one point in my life and that was just too depressing so now I celebrate my inner child. I love sparkly stuff and I put Swarovski crystal in most of theContinue reading “I’ll Always Choose Silliness Art Journal Page”

Art Journal – in beads

The caption on the watch face reads “look within” to remind myself I have the answers inside if I just quite my mind. This is an art journal page that I can wear and be transparent to those who see it. My message is to look within, find your authentic creative self, and sing withContinue reading “Art Journal – in beads”