How Meditation can Help You Talk with Your Parts

Meditation is a very valuable skill that takes practice. You learn a lot by getting quiet. Meditation can help you talk with your parts! When you start to meditate, your brain starts too & it goes in all sorts of weird directions. The more you meditate the calmer your mind gets, but don’t ever expectContinue reading “How Meditation can Help You Talk with Your Parts”

30 Day Create Every Day Challenge – UUGGG no steam today.

My body is out of steam and out of energy. I don’t really know why. It seems I have one really energy filled day and then a couple where I fight to do anything productive. On a day like today gentle yoga and meditation to prioritize what I need to do. Today I will doContinue reading “30 Day Create Every Day Challenge – UUGGG no steam today.”

Forcing Leads to Frustration

The opposite of feeling is forcing. When we force, we cannot feel, and when we feel, we cannot force.    -Aadil Palkhivaia This quote came from a page of The Desire Map Journal by Danielle LaPorte. I highly recommend her book, The Desire Map. It helped me understand my core desired feelings so I can guideContinue reading “Forcing Leads to Frustration”