Creating Your Mental Happy Place for those with cancer

One of my go to mental strategies for coping with a chronic physical condition is crafting my mental happy place. The most important self-care tip I can give you is: doing your best to remain as positive as you can. This doesn’t mean faking it every day, this means doing the best you can onContinue reading “Creating Your Mental Happy Place for those with cancer”

What??!? I have Cancer??!!?

I still remember that evening I went in for an MRI to investigate weird nerve pain and was walked over to the emergency room for further testing. The minute the radiologist said, “We found something and called in the neurosurgeon” I knew that I had cancer. After many tests and more scans, I was diagnosedContinue reading “What??!? I have Cancer??!!?”

Get Creative with Nausea! Self Care When You aren’t Feeling Well.

I had a “touch” of stomach flu or something last week and being nauseous reminded me of my chemo treatments and stem cell transplant. I found that getting my mind on something else was the key to “forgetting” I was sick. The BEST way I know how to get my mind on something interesting isContinue reading “Get Creative with Nausea! Self Care When You aren’t Feeling Well.”

How Sneeky the “I Should’s” Can Creep into Your Life

So here I am with my art therapy professor Janice Havlena when I graduated in 2013. I remember thinking, “Great, now I get to go find an art as therapy job and live my dream.” You know, because that’s what a college graduate does – get a job in the field you went to schoolContinue reading “How Sneeky the “I Should’s” Can Creep into Your Life”

I’ll Always Choose Silliness Art Journal Page

In any situation I will always choose silliness and I wanted to celebrate that in this art journal page. I tried growing up at one point in my life and that was just too depressing so now I celebrate my inner child. I love sparkly stuff and I put Swarovski crystal in most of theContinue reading “I’ll Always Choose Silliness Art Journal Page”

Healing Journals – An idea that’s just starting to bud

I have an undergrad degree in art therapy and was in my junior year when I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma cancer. Needless to say my assignments turned into powerful healing tools. I even had a stem cell transplant on Christmas break a few years ago. Going back to school in my 40’s I alreadyContinue reading “Healing Journals – An idea that’s just starting to bud”

30 Day Create Every Day Challenge – The Day of Epic Fails

WE CREATE OUR TOMORROWS BY WHAT WE DREAM TODAY. I keep this quote in mind when I have epic fail days. Yesterday was one of those! I felt crappy, I tried several attempts at being creative which turned out crappy, and I couldn’t even fall asleep when I tried to take a nap. The highlightContinue reading “30 Day Create Every Day Challenge – The Day of Epic Fails”

Forcing Leads to Frustration

The opposite of feeling is forcing. When we force, we cannot feel, and when we feel, we cannot force.    -Aadil Palkhivaia This quote came from a page of The Desire Map Journal by Danielle LaPorte. I highly recommend her book, The Desire Map. It helped me understand my core desired feelings so I can guideContinue reading “Forcing Leads to Frustration”

The Masks We Wear and the Ones We Make

Cancer will stop you dead in your tracks and causes chaos that is different from anything you may have experienced before. I tried to keep the brave face on as I went through treatment and my classes at school. That was until I had the assignment to sculpt a self-portrait that had a descriptive symbolContinue reading “The Masks We Wear and the Ones We Make”