I’m Burnt Out but there’s so much I “should” do

It’s time for me to follow my own advice. I’m totally out of energy and have been for awhile. I’m burnt out but there is so much I “should” do so I bypass my needs to get things done. This habit of mine is a hard one to break because it stems from my bigContinue reading “I’m Burnt Out but there’s so much I “should” do”

Meditating on Love in my Altered Book

I’ve been meditating a lot lately on self care/self love and love in general. I find that those who struggle with loving themselves have deep wounds that act like weeds chocking out our beautiful spirits. These weeds obscure the sunlight of our authentic selves. We get scared to show who we really are because atContinue reading “Meditating on Love in my Altered Book”

The Themes for Each Month of the 2016 Year of Creative Discovery

Each month in the 2016 Year of Creative Discovery there will be a theme with prompts & projects for that theme. I thought I’d give you the low down on the year so you know what’s coming up. The list is incomplete for right now – I haven’t got concrete ideas for Oct – DecContinue reading “The Themes for Each Month of the 2016 Year of Creative Discovery”