Take Time for Reflection

During the last week of the month in our year of creative discovery, take time for reflection. Look back on the pages you did during the month – what are they saying to you? Your art is in the doing and the conversation you have with it. Art comes from the way down deep insideContinue reading “Take Time for Reflection”

My Pages that I’m Working On in January

Happy cold January everyone! I don’t mind the cold because I stay in and do art and I feel very blessed that I am able to do that. Here are my pages that I’m working on: I used the self-care wheel for the 8 areas of my life that I need to nurture for theContinue reading “My Pages that I’m Working On in January”

Snow Day = Altered Book Day!

I had a client cancel their jewelry class with me today because of weather. That’s one reason why I love winter in Wisconsin because a snow day = altered book day! I thought I’d share my process with you since you probably can’t come over today and play with me. I get my coffee &Continue reading “Snow Day = Altered Book Day!”

January is Rest Relax & Rejuvenate to Start Your Year of Creative Discovery

January – Rest, Relax, & Rejuvenate “A great way to get rid of stress is, every once in a while, do something totally different and unexpected without any prior planning.” ― Franklin Gillette, The Secrets of Concentration and Mental Rejuvenation We will be more successful in all our endeavors if we can let go ofContinue reading “January is Rest Relax & Rejuvenate to Start Your Year of Creative Discovery”

Sometimes Art isn’t About Making Money

This is one of my favorite altered book spreads. “You know that dream where you can fly? It’s not a dream” and Define Yourself. Today I’m going to define what brings me energy as an artist and it isn’t about making money!! Once you are declared/recognized as a person who makes art, a lot ofContinue reading “Sometimes Art isn’t About Making Money”

The Start of My Altered Book – Explained

Here’s the start of my altered book so I can explain what I did & why. Most of the why is because I felt like it. I do a lot of my art by the way I feel instead of thinking out the process too much. I’m not a planner I just do stuff. ThisContinue reading “The Start of My Altered Book – Explained”

Get Creative Even with a Time Crunch

Even when you don’t have a whole afternoon for diving into your altered book, you can get creative even with a time crunch. By doing your pages in stages you can slowly build your altered book. We have a whole year to play so calm yourself when you feel the pressure of producing (that’s forContinue reading “Get Creative Even with a Time Crunch”

The Themes for Each Month of the 2016 Year of Creative Discovery

Each month in the 2016 Year of Creative Discovery there will be a theme with prompts & projects for that theme. I thought I’d give you the low down on the year so you know what’s coming up. The list is incomplete for right now – I haven’t got concrete ideas for Oct – DecContinue reading “The Themes for Each Month of the 2016 Year of Creative Discovery”

Why I Want to Offer the Year of Creative Discovery

I thought I’d share a little about why I want to offer the year of creative discovery with you. I have been using art more as a tool to express myself and as a nurturing way for self refection. It is always there for me when I need to relax, to preserve memories, decorate myContinue reading “Why I Want to Offer the Year of Creative Discovery”

How “To Do” the Creative Discovery Year

Here’s how “to do” the 2016 Year of Creative Discovery. (If you see a link in my blog, you can click on that to get more directions.) Pick your book and start preparing some (or all) of your pages. Each month there will be a theme with a quote and each week I’ll have aContinue reading “How “To Do” the Creative Discovery Year”