Adventures in Mask Making

This is one of my favorite collages in my altered book because of the doll with the mask. She’s taken off her mask to reveal a luminescent face underneath. I haven’t written anything (yet) on this page but I know there is more to learn when I take off my mask. I have been playingContinue reading “Adventures in Mask Making”

How Meditation can Help You Talk with Your Parts

Meditation is a very valuable skill that takes practice. You learn a lot by getting quiet. Meditation can help you talk with your parts! When you start to meditate, your brain starts too & it goes in all sorts of weird directions. The more you meditate the calmer your mind gets, but don’t ever expectContinue reading “How Meditation can Help You Talk with Your Parts”

Doodling Your Way – That’s the “Right” Way

There are a lot of “how to” doodle books out there right now and they are great help to get you started. One thing to ALWAYS remember is to not compare your doodles with anyone else’s. Remind yourself that this is your time and your expression of the creative song in your heart. Doodling YOURContinue reading “Doodling Your Way – That’s the “Right” Way”

The Best Tool for Relaxing – Doodle!

Have you had a busy day or it’s late at night & your brain can’t shut off? Are you waiting for someone? Are you just bored? I’ve got the best tool for relaxing (or a good use of extra time) – DOODLE! Studies show that repetitive hand motions helps to lower blood pressure and relaxContinue reading “The Best Tool for Relaxing – Doodle!”

Snow Day = Altered Book Day!

I had a client cancel their jewelry class with me today because of weather. That’s one reason why I love winter in Wisconsin because a snow day = altered book day! I thought I’d share my process with you since you probably can’t come over today and play with me. I get my coffee &Continue reading “Snow Day = Altered Book Day!”