Understanding and loving our inner critics

I’ve done a few pages and blogs about our inner critic which focus on standing up to the old recordings in my head. Today I want to focus on understanding and loving our inner critics. We all have that voice inside our heads that tell us how crappy our work is or that we aren’tContinue reading “Understanding and loving our inner critics”

Secrets to Calming Your Inner Critic

This is how my inner critic makes me feel – tired to the bone & dark, little & dirty. I should say “how it made me feel” after I discovered the secrets to calming my inner critic. Ready? Ok, here it is – get to know it and understand how it was born. The wayContinue reading “Secrets to Calming Your Inner Critic”

Essential Steps Toward the Practice of Loving Yourself

February is the “love” month so what better way to celebrate is committing to a practice of self-compassion and self-love? This month my blogs will be about what I think the essential steps we need to take toward the practice of loving ourselves. The first step I took was understanding that I am made upContinue reading “Essential Steps Toward the Practice of Loving Yourself”

I’m burnt out and for the first time, I’m not resisting it

I’m burnt out and for the first time, I’m not resisting it. I’m looking at it. I’m so tired that nothing sounds fun and it’s hard to do anything artistic. But I still have that nagging voice – how could you be burnt out, you aren’t doing anything. That negative voice makes sweeping and vagueContinue reading “I’m burnt out and for the first time, I’m not resisting it”