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30 Day Create Every Day Challenge – Day 11 and Doodle Love

Doodle love – I’ve never really had this before. I’m really loving what I’m drawing and I’m seeing that I’m good. Great drawings has never been how I would describe my art because I don’t draw perspective or faces so I automatically decided I… Continue Reading “30 Day Create Every Day Challenge – Day 11 and Doodle Love”

How Easily I Get Derailed from My Schedule

Life just gets in the way of my creative coaching business and I find myself in blurred boundaries between multiple obligations. My goal in any situation is to learn more about myself and what my reactions are. What am I learning? My first tendency… Continue Reading “How Easily I Get Derailed from My Schedule”

When “Crazy Town” invades your life.

Crazy times comes knocking at your door – what do you do? We all have situations and people that make us wonder about our sanity. It seems to hurt more when you see a loved one in a relationship that is so toxic and… Continue Reading “When “Crazy Town” invades your life.”