The Themes for Each Month of the 2016 Year of Creative Discovery

Each month in the 2016 Year of Creative Discovery there will be a theme with prompts & projects for that theme. I thought I’d give you the low down on the year so you know what’s coming up. The list is incomplete for right now – I haven’t got concrete ideas for Oct – DecContinue reading “The Themes for Each Month of the 2016 Year of Creative Discovery”

Why You Might Think You’re Not Creative

Why aren’t you creative? Check your thoughts. I work with people in places where they don’t think – oohh I’m going to do art today. At a local hospital and am at several adult day centers. When I approach people, the majority of comments are quick and consist of, “I’m not creative because: I can’tContinue reading “Why You Might Think You’re Not Creative”