Super Easy Altered Book Page to Help You Gain Your Sanity

Here’s a super easy altered book page to help you gain your sanity!  A Stop Doing List! We all need more space in our day to relax and de-stress so what about making a stop doing list in your altered book? We all have to do lists that are overwhelming just to look at soContinue reading “Super Easy Altered Book Page to Help You Gain Your Sanity”

January – Time for a Retreat! Getting Ready

January is a great month to let yourself rejuvenate from the holidays and retreat for self care for the upcoming year. It’s easy to do up here in Wisconsin because it’s hard to get out with the cold & snow (well, usually). I use this month for reflection, art projects, and relaxing with my fuzzyContinue reading “January – Time for a Retreat! Getting Ready”

Why I Want to Offer the Year of Creative Discovery

I thought I’d share a little about why I want to offer the year of creative discovery with you. I have been using art more as a tool to express myself and as a nurturing way for self refection. It is always there for me when I need to relax, to preserve memories, decorate myContinue reading “Why I Want to Offer the Year of Creative Discovery”

How “To Do” the Creative Discovery Year

Here’s how “to do” the 2016 Year of Creative Discovery. (If you see a link in my blog, you can click on that to get more directions.) Pick your book and start preparing some (or all) of your pages. Each month there will be a theme with a quote and each week I’ll have aContinue reading “How “To Do” the Creative Discovery Year”

Why Journal and what is a Visual Journal?

Why journal and what is an art journal or visual journal? Any type of personal journaling helps you to craft the questions that you need to answer for yourself. The first step in deeper self awareness is asking yourself the right questions. If we don’t have a question, how can we dig deep and uncoverContinue reading “Why Journal and what is a Visual Journal?”