30 day Create Every Day Challenge Day 5

The 3rd layer of a wall mural of marble I’m learning that when I do art every day, my life is much more satisfying. My day job this week is to paint a mural for a Reiki healer here in Madison Rene Christesen in her studio, facebook.com/ChannelsReiki. One of the most satisfy parts of beingContinue reading “30 day Create Every Day Challenge Day 5”

Today’s Creative Spark for those “who aren’t creative”

Seeing through different lenses just takes a little practice so put your creative glasses on and let’s look around. My last post suggested you pretend you’re creative and to look at your everyday as if you’d like to photograph it. I had an assignment in my photography class to take a self portrait. Today IContinue reading “Today’s Creative Spark for those “who aren’t creative””