Rethinking My Energy/Mindset When I start the Day

I just posted this yesterday but it applied to me this morning. I got up and turned on my computer, went straight to the coffee pot, and the thought that “had” me was, “what am I supposed to DO this morning?” While waiting for the coffee to get done I started a different blog decidedContinue reading “Rethinking My Energy/Mindset When I start the Day”

Why It’s Important to Rest, Relax, & Rejuvenate

Do we really take the time to understand why it’s important to rest and listen to our bodies? Do you know just how stress & “doing” will effect your body? It took a pretty big health issue to really understand that being a perfectionist & a doer wasn’t something to be so proud of. OurContinue reading “Why It’s Important to Rest, Relax, & Rejuvenate”

Art & the Over Thinker

Sometimes when I look inside I sense a whirl of different thoughts, projects, and what if’s colliding with my desire for inner peace. This is when I turn to my art. I see the creative process as an active meditation which is why art is great for the over thinker. One aspect of seeing theContinue reading “Art & the Over Thinker”