Pause Life and get Creative! Yes, you!

The creative process is a part of us

We all make decisions every day that creates the lives we live. Creating is a part of us and it’s how we express our individuality. We even create the “picture” of how we want to look as we get dressed. There is so much we make in our lives that we might not even realize that we are creative.
When we create we open ourselves up to listening and trusting our creative voice. The more we listen, the more we trust ourselves, and that will help us to create a more authentic life!

permission slip


What happens when we pause our life and create?

• We slow down and focus on the present moment – everything else seems to fade away. It makes for a perfect way to activity meditate.
• Anxiety and stress levels go down. Your body reacts to repetitive movements like when you doodle by lowering your blood pressure.
• Your confidence grows as you learn to trust that your decisions about what you’re making are perfect for you. You are unique and that will show in the projects you make. Practicing seeing the beauty of your individual style will help you practice seeing the beauty that is within you.
• If you create in a group – there is a very special bond that happens.
• We learn to avoid getting caught up in expectations of perfection and just go with the flow.
• Creating is a very nurturing and healing activity that really needs to be experienced to know just how great it is.
It is the best way I know to give myself the space to let go, explore my feelings, get mad, celebrate, cure my boredom, and let loose to play.

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